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Issues That Matter

Business Friendly Town

As someone that has the luxury to live and work in Huntersville, I want the same for my fellow citizens who wish to do the same.  We must be open and excited to welcome new businesses, large and small, to our community.  Huntersville is a great place to live, but it can also be a great place to work.

No New Taxes

I am 100% against any new taxes in Huntersville.  Period.  By having a strict budget and figuring out needs vs. wants we can achieve this.  Especially since Mecklenburg County continues to raise taxes; we must protect our town at the grassroots level so ALL citizens can continue to enjoy living in our community.


I attended Long Creek Elementary, Bradley Middle School, and Hopewell High School.  I am a product of CMS when it was much smaller.  I was fortunate to have a handful of teachers during my time that literally changed my life and shaped me into the person I am today; including the fact I became a first-generation college graduate.  The town’s job is to advocate for our citizens, especially our children.  Each child and family are different and I never want to see the children in Huntersville treated as “just a number” but respected for the unique humans they are and see all needs addressed that will benefit the children’s education and help them flourish.

Safe Roads

As Huntersville continues to grow and secondary roads continue to be used more due to the I-77 tolls, we must pay special attention to making our roads safer and working quickly to do so.  Roads that are heavily traveled, especially those that have developments, parks, businesses, schools, and churches should be treated as priorities regarding safety.  We should be listening to citizens who advocate for lowering speed limits, requesting stop lights/stop signs, and asking for traffic counts, because they're the ones living in these areas and have great insight into what is going on firsthand.  

Ocular Melanoma

Huntersville has done a good job fighting to find the cause of Ocular Melanoma, but we must never let it stop being at the forefront of our community.  I am the granddaughter of the first person that passed from this awful cancer, Billy Gene Turbyfill.  I am also a student that attended Hopewell High School with the young ladies that lost their lives too soon.  Finding the reason behind the Ocular Melanoma cluster is something I will always advocate for, because Ocular Melanoma isn’t just a “cancer” to me, it is something that has changed my life forever and the lives of many citizens I care deeply about.

Magistrate in Huntersville

We need a magistrate in Huntersville desperately.  Magistrates issue warrants, they provide restraining orders, and other various services that are critical to our justice system and safety.  By having a magistrate in Huntersville, even if just weekly, would reduce much travel time for our officers, keeping them within our town, and would benefit the citizens going through domestic issues, including violence.

A Community for All

My store’s slogan is “Kindness and Strangers Welcome” and I will bring this attitude to town hall if elected.  I want every citizen to feel as if they have a voice in our town.  My advocacy with our homeless neighbors and Veterans over the years has taught me how to effectively be a community leader that can achieve results, especially for those who feel like they are marginalized and unheard, from the local to national level.